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If you know… of any challenges/ contests/ projects that I might get involved into.
Thanks my dear reader,

Warmly yours.

Ok… so I am getting into the 30 days challenge.
Feel free to try it and let’s chat about it.

Changing my life

The thought that torments me more and more… is how to get into a lifestyle that allows me much more flexibility… time to nurture good ideas.
My new project is to learn how to manage my work remotely and to find several streams of revenue.
This is gonna be a slightly longer project than just a week long one but I will make the best of my time and I will try to keep you informed of how things are progressing.

Time is ticking…


hurts badly………..

one day…

We could wait a while,
letο»Ώ everything have its’ way,
crack a secret subtle smile
And everything will be, okay
And i promise you
that i won’t leave you here
I couldn’t do that to myself
and, not again,
not with you, my friend

i don’t understand why you,
just can’t let me in,
And i close my eyes, and just let it all,
Fall in line.

I gotta feelin’ uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
that we might have just found a cool flat!!!
awesomliooooooooooo πŸ™‚
yes yes – the search hasn;t been too long but now we just have 2 make sure the landlord accepts our offer… so fingers crossed on this one.

The best thing that happened today was a damn good lunch and an even better conversation with a -to become – good friend – my future flat mate.. in a place I would have never thought I would end up accepting.. :))) (not liking… oui?) – the biggest shopping center in London – westfield :))) and yes – i still hate malls :)))

and the surprise of the day – which i have to say succesfully took the 1st place in the top best things of sathurday 13/11 was… the most genuine and deep declaration I have ever heard…


Jazzy night!

Today was Pox’s bday celebration… was good to see the group …but at the same time got the feeling that some chemistries don;t really work there… anyway – managed to get home from Camden a little after 00.00 and now I”m enjoying whatever is left out of this day…
Highlight of the day?
Well I guess that has to be the email sent out to the gang coming to “London Calling” the latest, hotest, most wanted event in town… 30 people gathering from all over Europe in what is going to be known in history as the best reunion of aiesec alumni πŸ˜€
Well at least that;s my goal as organiser.
We prepared loads of surprises and I am veeeery excited about it all…
I just get this feeling that whenever I get involved into activities as such my energy level reached unimaginable heights! love it!!!!

Tomorrow flat hunting will start so I’ll get myself into another adventure as… uhu… by begining of december i need to free up my room…
:/ ouch ,,,, and no alternative found… yet!


HAPPY 2 B… the result

hooooraaaay got myself a best speaker ribbon with my “Around the world in 5 min” speech!!!