Whenever I go there I have the feeling I’ve been there before… and not in this lifetime..
Mon petit was quieter this time … no touristy stops.. just random walking on small streets… funky shops.. Rushed people… what English would call rude…(what I would call 😉 )
Long walks happened on Les Marais – a traditional bourgeois area – nowadays well known as a gay friendly area.
Narrow brick lanes, cafes, sex toys shops, art galleries, painting stores… street musicians… now that’s a place where I felt right at home…

Evening caught us close to Hotel de Ville… on another small street where an impromptu concert happened… did not take more than 2 trumpets and a mini piano… my guess was that they were one of ours (a bit darker skinned) 🙂
Nigh time… we went in NEMPORTE QUOIS… a chic and very tight place close to Rue de Louvre… we had some drinks and then moved on to Alcazar – a night club a bit too posh for my liking but equaly ok if you took in consideration the mojitos I had in nemporte where 😉
2 o’clock was when just like in London, all the lights went on – but this time people had an alternative and that was location no 2 – belonging to the same club – where late birds could continue their party.

EASy… like sunday morning… we slept vvvv late and then had our brunch in Les Marais again 🙂
Went to mass in Notre Dame… and man… I still find it so impressive – although most of large cathedrals don;t give me any feeling of closeness to God… Notre Dame gave me exact the same impression I had 8 years ago when I first set foot inside… a sensation of holiness and the quire is simply amazing… the mass in french is breathtaking and the smell… that smell of incense… is pfffffffff – holly!!!
Mon Dieu… je crois que je suis amoureuse encore une fois… de Paris