Hey everyone,
Happy to mention that I am right now comfortably sitting in my room enjoying this awesome afternoon… sunny…exciting and… full of protesters 😉
Today I woke up early morning… like reaaaally early – how does 6.15 am sound to u?:)
And I took my quiet hot bath… wondered around the room… did some girly make-up activities and finally went off to work… What i have forgotten though… or disconsidered just because of the reason that I am still getting used to this country – is the fact that today was a dress-down day.
Because today the G20 representatives meet and so loads of protesters came to greet them… There was one specific target of the demonstration which slipped my mind… Bankers!
Btw – here’s a funny pic I received today:

G20 protesters did not cause any interruption to my morning… bankers made sure that they woke up early in their undercover outfits (usualy in the tube you would see an army of white colars – today it was an army of jeans wearers)… so everything ran smoothly.
During the day I checked the news and updates onwhat was happening in the city….
You have the watch btw how there was a line of reporters photographing 2 guys who were randomly breaking a window…. and yeah the Evening standard was all over the place with “Bank rage in the City on Obama’s big day”
So yeah… it was getting to be more and more interesting until at one point where the secretary of another group came running to our desks telling us that she got a call from the HR and that we need to evacuate the building…
Well honestly that wasn’t as fun as I thought… I mean, there was no panic or anything but only the thought that you might get trapped in a 42 story building is not the best one…
So there I was leaving the office… going through 2 security filters and off in the tube, realising that no… I am not wearing my dress-down outfit… but with a little luck I can still pass for a student 😉
So all ok… I am at home.. it’s 6pm and I love it!
Let’s see what happens tomorrow when things will get interesting.
Au revoir!