Lately we love to pass judgments…
We are slowly becoming ugly inside… words are crawling out of the mouths without any control.
The wholeness is filled by nothingness… by loads of warms of dirty thoughts… friends become enemies… or where they ever true friends?
Moments like this, with wind and cold showers make me runaway.
Runaway back to how I was – to what I AM… it’s just good from time to time to remember what really stands behind the true ME.
Moments like this make me believe again after a sweet and short fall inside my soul.
I bumped my head against the wall for a couple of times lately but my soul is still there and will always be.
You know… after a heavy rain there will always be a rainbow at the end of the road… as cliché as it may sound – it’s a proven phenomenon!:)
Guess that it was a bit too much of heavy rain lately so it was time to get some sun tan – ey?